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Sweater Hat

Sweater Hat


First and foremost I have to give my Husband full credit for both hats. He was sitting next to me one night while I was going through all my fabric from my bin looking for something for a project that I was working on. When I came across this heavy orangish-reddish sweater and he told me to give it to him because he wanted to see something. I told him that I hadn’t figured out what I was going to do with it yet and that’s when he pulled the scissors out and cut the sleeve off. I just sat there thinking to myself oh dear what is on his mind. Then all the sudden he tells me he’s going to make a hat out of it. I told him to do whatever his little heart desired not realizing how cute it would turn out.

 Anyway I wanted to share this because not only is it a cheap way to make winter hats but a great way to reuse material especially those fabrics that you love because of the feel or color. If you ever get the chance and family, friends, or yourself are throwing out any clothes remember this idea, because it can be a great stocking stuffer or gift idea that will literally take less than 10 minute to make let alone the cheap costs of recycling clothing. Below are the steps he took to make the Sweater Hat.

Supplies Needed:

  • L – XL Sweater or sweatshirt
  • Scissors


  1. Take your clothing item and cut the sleeve off at the hem line that connects up by the shoulder.
  2. If there is a cuff on the wrist section cut the cuff off also.
  3. The part of the hat that will fit around the person’s head will be the upper shoulder part. Take that piece and fold it over to make like the brim part of the hat and then tuck in the edge part ( you can hem the edge if you would like, however if you cut straight enough along the seam you probably wont have to hem it.)
  4. Then take the opening at the top of the hat and try to estimate or use another person to figure out your head room.
  5. Then tie it in a knot or take a scrap piece from the garment to tie a knot around it to secure the top part in place.
  6. After you have it secure measure about another 4-7 inches and then cut off the access material.
  7. Take the extra 4-7 inches that you left on the hat and cut strips going around the material for little tassels.

That’s it!  A quick and easy way to make a winter hat out of recycling clothing.

 This hat ended up being my sons favorite hat and he wears it everywhere he goes. Tonight he accidentally forgot it at my parents house and he cried for about 20 min. I guess I’ll be making a trip back over there tomorrow to retrieve his hat for him. My Husband also made me a matching one.

I hope you enjoyed this. Please comment back and let me know how your sweater hats turned out. I would love to see all the beautiful colors and fabrics that everyone uses.

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