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Winterberry Wreath

Winterberry Wreath

I have to say that for my first non paper wreath I was very proud of this one. Earlier last week I had stopped out by my Husbands Grams House to pick up her 5’5” santa for my entrance way. Well she had given me a box full of material and pieces of decorations that she had once wanted to put together and never got the chance or was recycling pieces of a decoration and was going to use the pieces somewhere else. Either way I brought home this box and inside was a melting pot of different christmas type material.

As I sorted through everything and started putting pieces together I found the materials to make this cute little wreath that fits perfectly in my front door window. I am not the biggest fan of birds, however when I found the perfect family of 3 with the little cardinals I figured it was the perfect touch for the winterberry Wreath. Listed below are the supplies I used and a brief description of how I made the wreath.

Supplies Used:

  • 12 single strands of (I used fake) winterberries (The individual strands looked pretty scares and scraggly, but trust me you’ll need the room for twisting the stems around each other.
  • a hook for hanging
  • 3 cardinals


Start taking your strands and twisting them together. Keep taking the end together to see if it’s the size you would like. When you have reached your desired size take your ends and another strand of your winterberries twisting everything together so that its secure. This should take up half your strands. Then take your other half and start twisting them around your more bearer areas, so that you can evenly spread out your winterberries around the wreath. When you are finished with your wreath then go on to  embellish it with a bow or some birds or whatever you like.

Really it was pretty simple, and to be really honest I sorta fell into this project on accident. As I was taking the strands out of the box, 4 of the strands had  hooked into each other and as I sat there and stared at it I realized that there were a bunch of the strands and instead of trying to delicately untangle the strands that hooked together why not start wrapping the other strands around my already hooked strands and well this was the final outcome of my tangled mess.

Please comment back and comeback and share your Winterberry Wreath Projects.

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