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There comes a day

There comes a day when you just say to yourself “Really?” I am a stay at home mom and as much as I love being home with him all day, this is not a choice. I live with an illness called cyclic vomiting syndrome and it prevents me from being able to do normal things like working, driving, ect…. I am a fulltime student working towards my visual communications degree. Even though I probably will not be able to maintain a job after I am done going to school I feel I have to do something with myself to feel some sort of self accomplishment. My husband only got a short time of my life before my illness became something I could no longer control myself. As much of a strain as this has been on him and our marriage I have to give him a lot of credit for being able to stand by and handle taking on his responsibilities and some of mine. Dont get me wrong just like everyone else we have our issues, but just like other solid relationships you just work at it, compromise, and move on. I couldn’t ask for a better man though, he is 110% dedicated to his family. In the 5 years that we have been together he has never left my side, he doesn’t go out unless his son and i can go with him. Some people would say that people need to have their “alone time” , but we are best friends and we have all the same interests and just really enjoy each others company.

The reason I have decided to write this blog is because I want to share with other families the projects and experiences that my family enjoys so much. Our lives revolve around the outdoors for half the year and during the bitter winter months we try to remain as creative as we can indoors. We are a very budgeted family and are always looking for family activities at low to no cost. I think its important to share with other families that you can still have great family fun on a low-budget.

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