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Featured Friday Presents:

Amy Jo


Here is our FIRST EVER  Featured Friday Friend. Amy Jo has some amazing talent when it comes to working with yarn. I have personally known Amy Jo for a few years now and this is a woman who is dedicated to her craft. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner this beautiful hat

Here are a few words that Amy Jo left us about what inspired her to make this gorgeous hat.

This is a hat that I made from a couple different colorways of Lionbrand’s Homespun yarn. I improvised the pattern. It is made for a friend of mine who has asked for one for years, finally got around to it and it only took one evening. (my bad…) One of my very simple pieces.

Currently I have many projects either on hooks or needles. I started crocheting my senior year of high school (now I’m 27) for the very same friend in fact, when I made her daughter a baby blanket. Talk about an ambitious first project.

My aunt taught me how to crochet. Then years later, I decided that I no longer wanted to be just a crocheter, I hopped on YouTube and taught myself to knit.

Here is a great resource that Amy Jo would like to share with everyone.

 A great resource for both the beginner and expert alike is the site It is a community where yarnies can unite and share projects, find patterns (free and paid), and get the well deserved attention for what they have done! You can find me there and more of my projects at:  Hope to see you there!

 I would like to give a big Thank-You to Amy Jo for sharing this wonderful creation.
If you are interested in becoming one of our Featured Friday Friends and share your latest creation, then please email us at Please include a couple clear photos of what you made along with a brief description about what inspired you to make it.
Thank you for stopping and make sure you stop by Amy Jo’s blog to see more of her fantastic work.
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