Everyday thousands of families sit and ponder the most infamous question….. “Whats for dinner?” This is something is something that we here all to often in our homes. I am one that LOVES to EAT. The days where I am well enough to eat I try to  make up for the days that I wasnt able to eat do to my illness. We would like to share with you some of our favorite recipes. There are some great food choices that are not only quick and easy to make but that also will not break your bank by trying to feed your family healthy. I personally have no choice but to eat healthy foods. With my husband being a chef teaching me and my partner writer we will be able to share the foods that we eat in our home and hopefully you will want to try them and show your family that good food tastes great. I personally live for my crock pot so you can definitely expect some of those recipes in the near future. I know I look forward to seeing what Photo Jewels comes up with too.


Happy Cooking and Good Eating!!


Here are the links to our different meal ideas:


Crock potBone-in Turkey





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