Cheap Family Activities

Activities on a Budget

To often you hear people say that they can’t do anything because everything cost money. This is true but if you look hard enough there are attractions and activities going on all over that are either free or don’t cost a whole lot. With my family only being able to have one income because I can’t work due to my Illness, we are very conscious of spending money. We had to learn how to rebudget and realized that things we once did for fun we would no longer be able to do. For a few months I spent my days at home sitting outside feeling sorry for my family because we really enjoyed going out and doing things together. Then one day I woke up. The truth is as long as you are together spending quality time together that is really all you need. Every Year we get our State Park Sticker which cost us $25.00 for the year, However that gets us into every state park in the state of Wisconsin. So with that in mind we started spending every day my husband had off going to the different parks around the area. This was great seeing how we were already a very outdoors type of family. Every week we would pack up a lunch in our cooler and head out for the day. This is our favorite family activity that doesn’t cost much except for the one time buy for the annual sticker. Within the park system they have things that everyone can enjoy. Take a look in your State’s State Park System or even your county parks which in some counties there is not an admission fee. There is nothing like fresh air and nature. Camping in the State parks are also cheaper than any private camp ground so if you have a few extra dollars and would like to take a small weekend trip, this is a great way to spend some family time together in the outdoors. If you don’t like to camp some parks have cabins that can be rented for a higher price.  

I would like to share with everyone that you can still have quality fun family time even on a budget. Listed within this link you will find activities that all families can enjoy that are either low-cost or free. I think being able to share my families experience with everyone will fun. I think it is important to have those times when families get together to spend quality time together and keep your family bonds strong. You can learn a lot by spending one on one time with your family without all the technology to pre occupy everyone. I hope you enjoy our experiences and get to have your family fun just like mine.

Come back and share activities that you do with your families that don’t cost much money or no money at all.

Have fun!!


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