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Valentine Beaded Garland

Here is a good one for the kiddo’s to do.

As we are starting to get our first Valentine’s Day Tree decorated I was thinking about what we should decorate it with…Yes this did take me a minute seeing how I have never decorated a tree for any holiday other than Christmas. So the hunt was on…My lil boy and I started going through all my crafting drawers looking for anything that we could associate with the grand holiday of LOVE. I opened one of the drawers and there staring me in the face is 2 sandwich bags filled with plastic heart beads. I sat and pondered for a bit and then remembered how much fun Jesse had stringing Cheerios this past christmas. So we sat down and I put one of my dull yarn sewing needles  onto a string and Jesse went to town. He had so much fun. He even asked the next day he asked if we could get more beads.  I very much take advantage of the time I have with him when it’s still cool to do crafts with mom. HaHa.

I am really looking forward to finishing our Valentine Tree among some other great Valentine’s Day.


Have a great day

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