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A Tomato Makeover

A Tomato Makeover


If you are like me I love to customize things to my liking. So when I got all my sewing supplies, I knew the little red tomato would not stay red for long.


This project is a perfect no-sew kind of project. I took some of extra fabric I had lying around and decided to cover up my tomatos with it. This was very simple to do and it really doesn’t take long to finish. You don’t have to use just a tomato, you can also make your own pin cushions. With my project list getting longer and longer these days, I just decided to do the quick cover up. The supplies that I used were:

  • Hot Glue
  • Fabric
  • Pin cushion

I had a smaller tomato that I did the same thing to so that they would match. I also used the pins with the balls on the end to give it some bling since I can’t use them in my sewing projects anyway.  Since I took the pictures for these a week ago, I have since added a button on top to finish my tomato off, as an added embellishment.

Happy Sewing!!!

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