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Japanese Silk Giveaway (Ends Jan 9)

Third Day of Christmas: Japanese Silk – Lots of It! – Needle’nThread.com.

Needle’nThread.com is giving away a great colorful lot of Japanese Silk Thread for Embroidery. This is a 2 winner Giveaway. Entering is very easy just click on the link above, which will take you to the Needle’nThread.com website. read what she has to say about this fine thread and then leave a comment telling her what it is about the silk thread you like most. Check out the link to see pictures of the prizes.

Good Luck !

The Intrepid Thread and Giveaway (Ends Jan 2)

The Intrepid Thread and Giveaway

In celebration of her 400th post and bringing on the new year. Intrepid Thread is having a MEGA giveaway 4 days long with 4 winners. Just click on the Intrepid Thread logo and make a comment in the comments section for each day. I always look forward to the giveaways from The Intrepid Thread because her fabric is always bright and beautiful and looks like so much fun to work with.

Good Luck and Happy Sewing!!

What to expect for 2012

Well I’m excited to say that we are starting out our New Year with a Bang! I received a TON of new material of the holidays thanks to my loving family. With out you none of this would have been possible. This past week was spent organizing through everything and creating a space for it all. I now have a nice little studio in the family room so that I can work on my projects while my Son plays with his trains and my Husband works on whatever project is going on at the time. I did manage to get a couple of projects done in which I will share over the weekend. The one project the whole family got into was our sons felt wall that we set up next to his art studio.

Our little one has picked up on the creative side and my Husband and I couldn’t be happier. We were able to put together a fantastic little art studio for him  for very cheap. We mostly got our deals during a city-wide rummage. Double Easel

 We were able to pick up a Little Tikes Art Easel for $2.00 at the local thrift shop and it was in great condition. Then at the city-wide rummage we were able to pick up a Little Tikes Light-up Art Desk with chair for $5.00. These were absolutely 2 of the best buys my husband and I ever made. Jesse gets use out of them almost every day. Then we were also able to pick up  a massive ziplock bag of color wonder coloring books and about 50 of the Color Wonder Markers for $4.00   The floor is cover in those puzzle looking rubber floor mats for easy clean up, Which is something that we picked up after he started crawling over 4 years ago. So then on the blank wall in his art corner we put up a felt wall. (I borrowed the pics because it would be too hard to get a decent pic where they are placed right now.)

He gets a lot of enjoyment out of moving the felt pieces around the board. As I get a little more time I will cut out the alphabet so we can start working on our letters and then when he is ready we can start to form words. I think it will be a fun way for Jesse to learn and its very easy to make. I have to give a big thank you to my aunt who gifted our family with a bunch of craft material for all sorts of projects including all the felt for the felt wall. We are having a lot of fun creating things to add to the wall. It was so easy to get this done seeing how felt stick to each other the only 2 supplies you really need are felt and scissors.

We have a lot of great projects coming up for 2012! I will be posting our 2012 crafting bucket list over the weekend to start the new year. I have a couple new favorites that I would like to get done. I love owls and recently when I was picking up a few items with my Christmas Gift cards I bought the cutest little bundle of owl pattern quilting squares. I would like to do something small with that like a crafting bag or something. I also picked up a bucket of air dry clay so the little one and I can make some valentine’s decorations and ornaments to go on the Valentine’s Day tree that will go up in Feb….Yes I said Valentine’s Day tree, I think we should celebrate every holiday with a decorative tree. The tree is nothing spectacular it’s just a small 3 foot tree, However it brings a little more festivity in the house and Jesse loves to decorate them. So these are just a couple of new ideas that we will be getting our hands on to over the next year. I look forward to seeing all your new projects. Remember to check back often for great deals and giveaways from all the other great crafters and craft suppliers.

Happy New Year and Happy Crafting,

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