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Hosting our First Christmas

I’m super excited to announce that My Husband and I are Hosting our First Christmas this year in our own home. I am very excited to have my Husbands family and my parents over for Christmas, even with finals wrapping up this week in school I don’t feel the stresses I hear so much about.

The entire inside of my house looks like an ice castle with blue LED lights on the ceiling and snowflakes hanging from the ceiling against the white wall makes for my perfect winter wonderland. I even created a North Pole area in the corner of the room where the hors d’ oeuvre table will be set up.  My Husband was able to create my image with lights as our son and I handmade the decorations for the walls and trees. Outside the fence is wrapped in white LED lights, and I must say this is the first year I can’t wait till it snows. I love the way fresh snow looks on Christmas lights.

considering we didn’t have much to start with in terms of decorations, I think we were able to create and cheaply buy what we needed. Our 2 smaller trees we were able to pick up at a garage sale for $4.00 for the 2 of them. WHAT A DEAL! My larger tree was given to me as a gift from my grandmother many years ago. So with our house in the Christmas Spirit bring on the family, food, and fun!!

I hope EVERYONE has a safe and wonderful time during this great holiday season.

Please comment back about the first time you hosted Christmas!

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