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Pop-Up Christmas Tree Card

Pop-Up Christmas Tree Card



So I decided to get some other things done this week that I have been meaning to get done instead of focusing on tree decorations. So I started my Christmas Cards. As I was thinking about what my christmas cards should look like I had come across a site that was selling die cut pop up christmas cards. Seeing how we are family on a budget I thought why not try it myself. So I decided to try something simple first. What could be easier than a Christmas Tree it’s just a triangle, and it didn’t turn out to bad. So I thought I would share. It’s something even the kids could do.

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 sheet of green paper or a white piece of paper if you want to color in your tree.
  • 1 colored sheet for the outside of the card
  • scissors
  • glue



  1. Cut your colored sheet to the size you want your card make sure you fold it in half to make sure its the size you want.
  2. Then measure your green or white paper and measure it so that the paper will be 1/8 to 1/4 shorter on all sides then your outer layer.
  3. Next you are going to want to cut your green paper and then fold that in half.
  4. With you green paper folded in half on the edge with the fold take your scissors and cut a line going diagonally down the paper.(Like a side of a triangle.) Then go down a little lower and cut the trunk and the bottom of the tree. When you get to the bottom corner of the tree don’t cut all the way. (This is the part that will keep it attached and allow it to pop out.)
  5. The next step is open the green paper and push the tree towards you then close the green paper in half.
  6. Then take your outer layer and wrap that around the green sheet.
  7. Open them up together and you can see the color shadow behind your pop-up tree.
  8. Glue your green sheet to your outer layer.
  9. Decorate with any other embellishments

Thats it. Pretty easy. Please comment back and remember to come back and share your pop-up Christmas Cards

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