Gingerbread Man Magnets

GingerBread Man Magnets

this is another great crafting idea that is a lot of fun for the kids. And they look cute too!! As I am one that try to keep as much scrap material as possible because you never know when you can use it. This is one of those times. Everyone has seen those little foam crafting projects for all the different holidays and seasons. Well I kept all the extra snips that were still attached and anything that really was extra from past projects or pieces that got punched out like a center of a flower or something. Those little pieces go along way when making other little projects such as this AND it keeps your crafting spending down, Which in my house hold means a lot to my husband. Well anyway another thing I do when I work on a project like this where a template can be used is I make one gingerbread man label it and use that as my template to trace all my other gingerbread man or whatever im working on and then store it away in my crafting binder in a clear sleeve so i can go back and get it the following year or whenever i may need that template. So let’s get on to how to make this cute project.

Supplies Needed:

  • brown construction paper
  • decoration for your gingerbread man ( Really you can use anything you have lying around such as (crayons, extra foam pieces, or even construction paper
  • small magnet strip for each gingerbread man


  1. trace or draw your gingerbread man onto the construction paper
  2. cut out your little guys
  3. then stick or glue on your gingerbread man decorations
  4. when you are done decorating your gingerbread man then stick or glue on your magnet strip to the back

Thats it hang them on your fridge or give them as little gifts to the grandparents.

Please comment back and remember to come back and share your gingerbread man projects!

About smalltownmama08

I am a small town girl and my beautiful family and I are now living in the town i grew up in. I am a stay at home mother and a full time student.

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