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DIY Crafts that you can do with the kids (Craft 1- Hand Wreath)

There is so much joy out of watching your child grow. Why not celebrate their growth with the holiday season. As a mom on a budget I decided to take myself to the dollar store and for $14.00 I bought all my christmas decorations. Of course I still have to make them, however that’s half the fun. As my son and I sat down and sorted out our christmas treasures trying to figure out what we were going to make I had remembered a cute idea I had seen back while paging through the internet. I took my son’s hand and traced it onto a piece of construction paper and when I was done I showed him the outline of his hand and then he was interested. So with his handprints I decided to make a Christmas Hand Wreath. Below are the instructions on how to make your own Christmas Hand Wreath.

Christmas Hand Wreath


  • 2-6 sheets of green construction paper
  • 1 sheet of white paper
  • glue
  • clear tap
  • glitter (red or silver)
  • scissors


  1. Trace your child’s hand onto the piece of construction paper. Make sure you try to utilize as much space as to fit as many hands on the paper as you can. My son is 4 yrs old and I was able to get 4 hands on a piece of paper and my husband was able to get 5 so try to sqeeze as many as you can to save on paper.
  2. Cut out the first hand and then use that as a stencil to trace between 8-16 more depending on how large or small you would like your wreath. I used 12 in my wreath.
  3. After you have traced all your little hands then cut them all out.
  4. After you are finished cutting out your hands be sure to place them all so that the ink side is facing you. If you wish to have your child color the wreath let them color the hands at this point then when they are done place them all so that the coloring side is face down.
  5. Now it is time to form your wreath. Start placing your hands in a circle making sure you leave an empty space in the middle. Try and get the hands around the circle as evenly as possible.
  6. Now use your clear tap and place little pieces of tap around the inner edge to keep the hand wreath in position.
  7. Then take your glue and glue down the hands to each other.
  8. When you are finished gluing turn the wreath over and glue any other parts of the palms of the hands that are flopping around.

Thats it for the wreath. If you would like to add a paper bow the instructions for the bow are below

Bow Instructions:

  1. On your white piece of paper draw the shape of a bow and cut it out
  2. brush on a coat of glue on the entire bow
  3. sprinkle your glitter to cover the whole bow
  4. set aside and allow ample amount of drying time.
  5. When dry glue your bow onto the bottom of your wreath

Thats it!! Please comment back and I would love to see your Christmas Hand Wreaths

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